Make Your Schedule With Cricket World Cup 2011

Make Your Schedule With Cricket World Cup 2011

Every run counts to scored huge total that opponents team face difficult in chasing it. It is all about cricket where people and players breathe stop in a sudden wicket that turns a game. As a game that require a deep concentration as 11 fielders do not know where the opponents teams batsman can struck the ball. The batsmen are not acquainted with the bowlers mind and his hungry for run are based on assumptions of his shots. Really a game that has a doubtful situation every time when become a war for cricket world cup trophy then think what will happen in the series. The long running game of cricket match features 50 over each. The two teams do not want to give a single inch to other as they know if one gets an inch then they grab the yard.The icc cricket world cup is premier series of one day international tournament for men. It is held after a gap of four-year. The first world cup was held in the year 1975 in England. West Indies played like a champion and won the title. In 1979, West Indies keep his mission of victory and bags the second world cup title again in England.

The third world cup was n turning point of cricket popularity. India blows out superior players of West Indies in a dramatic final at England in the year 1983. Now the cup comes in the land of South Asian countries and soon crossed popularity of other game. Now it is regard as a religion in this land.
The world cup that held in 1987 in Indian subcontinent and 1992 world cup at Australia was won by Australia and Pakistan. After that cup was back to Indian subcontinent, again another south Asian country bags the championship titles. In a one-sided match of Final in the 1996 world cup Sri Lanka beats Australia. Recovered with defeat in last world cup final, Australia won the three consecutive titles in cricket world cup schedule of 1999, 2003 and 2007. The cup took place in England, South Africa and West Indies. The Australia show their superiority in-game and defeat all the three best teams of south Asian countries one after other in final of world cup. Now the cricket world cup 2011 is co-hosted by three south Asian countries, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.Altogether 49 matches will be played in this series, in which 29 matches will be played in India, 12 in Sri Lanka and 8 in Bangladesh. The tournament will be held in month of February to April. The cricket lovers are eagerly waiting for the tournament. This world cup will be tough task for all the 14 playing participating nation. Australia will not give any inch to other nation while England and South Africa will try to grab the yard. Same time South Asian countries will do better in their home ground and try to pick advantage of local supports. Other nations will show effective game to clinch title. Book your online cricket world cup tickets to watch it live.






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