Victory Bell Trophy – Mizzou Tigers and University of Nebraska Cornhuskers Rivalry Football Game

Many football fans don’t know that the rivalry game by both the University of Missouri (Mizzou for short) Tigers and the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers to compete for the Victory Bell trophy is the second-oldest rivalry in the Big 12 Conference. This University of Missouri and the University of Kansas rivalry predates the Cornhuskers and Tigers rivalry by one year and five days. Along with being the second-oldest rivalry in their conference, this is the third-oldest rivalry west of the Mississippi River even though most people who do not reside in the region don’t usually think of with these two schools as rivals.

The Victory Bell is the name of the trophy that is awarded to the winner of the game. The concept behind this trophy came from first announced by the former University of Missouri athletic director Chester Brewer in 1926. The Victory Bell trophy is a travel trophy, which signifies that the winner is able to keep the trophy until it’s played another time in the game in the next season. Scores from every game played since 1926 were engraved onto the Victory Bell.

The first encounter between these two universities that are separated by 320 miles took place back in November 1892. The match was played by the Cornhuskers in Omaha, Nebraska (the University of Nebraska is located at Lincoln, NE) and was won in the favor of the Cornhuskers. The series has attained a total of 101 games as of 2009. The Cornhuskers hold a huge advantage in the series over Mizzou Tigers with a record in the rivalry game of 64-36-3.

In the course of the series’ time, the standings overall were quite tight. From 1978 on, The University of Nebraska held a small advantage by a margin of only five games , before scoring wins in the following twenty four games. On the 11th of October, 2003, in a home match at Columbia, MO the Mizzou football team scored its first victory against this rivalry live score liga spanyol that was lopsided in over 25 years. The particular win came as the Cornhuskers playing as the 10th best team in the nation and they Missouri Tigers were unranked going into the match.

It was not surprising that Missouri fans flooded on the field, goal posts were taken down and fans celebrated well into the late into the night. For the majority of excited students on the Columbia campus, the October 2003 game was the first victory by Mizzou Tigers in this particular rivalry in their lives. Five years later, on the 4th of October the 4th of October, 2008 Mizzou will win its first victory at Lincoln, NE in 30 years. Prior to that win, the previous Tigers victory in Lincoln was in the year that NFL Hall of Hall of Famer Kellen Winslow, Senior played for the Missouri Tigers. There was so much time and the younger brother of Kellen Winslow (Kellen Winslow Junior) was already playing in the NFL.

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