Why Parents Should Encourage Kids to Try Multiple Sports

We now live in an achievement-oriented environment. Parents want their kids to excel in virtually everything. This includes being successful in their chosen sport. While their intention is good, this can put kids at risk of quitting the sport even before they reach their teenage years. Your child’s coach may have seen great potential in your kid, urging them to stick to the sport. But for other experts, limiting a child to a single activity can actually lead to negative results.

Why We Should Not Force Kids to Stick to a Single Sport

For some parents, the reason why they introduced a sport in the first place is to entice their kids to love the activity they used to enjoy. But little as they may be, kids are their own person. What activities they like doing may differ from what you used to enjoy as a kid.

There are parents who are forcing their kids to train rigorously in a single sport. This is to fulfill their unfinished dream of creating a name for themselves in the said sport. Others simply want their kids to follow in their footsteps and become great athletes with the same specializations.

There are also times when coaches learn that a child has the potential to be an athlete after seeing them play. They were able to convince the parents to get the child to focus on that sport alone. But this deprives children of the right to choose which sport they can try playing.

Some kids who are pressured to stick to a single sport often quit after only a few years. The forced specialization is only taking away their enthusiasm to live a more active life. If we can’t entice modern kids to stop a sedentary lifestyle, more children will suffer from unhealthy weight and other related diseases.

One common result of forces sports specialization in kids is repetitive injuries. Kids still have underdeveloped bones and muscles. If we don’t protect their still growing and developing bodies, they can easily get the same injuries over and over again.

Lastly, kids can also experience burnout. Imagine having to practice a single sport during your free time and not having any say about it. We need to give our kids a break, allow them to enjoy their childhood, and experience different activities.

Protecting Kids Who Engage in Multiple Sports

When we allow kids to try out a variety of athletic pursuits, this will make it easier for them to embrace a more active lifestyle. They can choose which sport matches their preferences and skills. They might even realize how much they love a particular activity after letting them play multiple sports.

Kids’ health and safety might be the reason why many parents are reluctant in introducing numerous sports to children. But know that there are many ways you can protect your child who is still trying to explore his love for sports. Some are as follows.

  • Provide the right safety equipment, sports gear, and accessories

Not all sports will require them a uniform or their own equipment. But to help them practice safely, it pays to make the right investment. This can mean buying or renting the right equipment, accessories, and sports gear.

Different sports will require your kids to use different gears, accessories, or equipment. The same goes when buying the right safety gear for your kids. There’s a reason multiple mouth guards, helmets, and eye protection for different sports exist and why investing in the right one could make a big difference in your kid’s safety and game play.

  • Teach them how to warm up and cool down

Some kids would be excited to play that they often forget to warm up before running to the field. Teach kids the importance of warm-ups and how to do these the right way. The same goes for cooling down after every game or training.

  • Maintain an open communication

Kids should learn how to trust their parents, team-mates, and coaches. They should be able to say they need help, are tired or injured. No child should be allowed to continue playing if they are hurt or is nursing an injury.

Adults should immediately ask for help when a child is hurt or injured. Failure to do so and allowing them to continue playing will only worsen their injury. Safety should always be a priority and kids should not learn this the hard way.

  • Be supportive

Just because your kids didn’t inherit your love for basketball does not mean you can already stop supporting their athletic pursuits. Show them that you are proud of their willingness to learn and try new activities. Encourage them to eat well, keep themselves hydrated, and get enough sleep, so they can have energy to play.

Raising kids who love sports can be a delight. But parents must remember that there is not enough reason to restrict a kid to one sport. They have the right to explore different sports, experience what it is like to win and lose, and choose which sport to pursue. Don’t be the reason why your kids are burned out, no longer want to play, or can’t enjoy their favorite sport. Choose to be supportive and you will get to raise a more independent and confident athlete.

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