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Saving Eagles is such a fantastic board game. The game is an invention of a 4th grade, ten-year-old student, Eric Schadt for a science project about the endangered Philippine Eagle. Right now, there are approximately 400 Philippine Eagles left in the world. Because his classmates were amazed by the game, he decided to start a company E-Family Games. The Company partnered with Philippines Eagles Foundation to release games that would help raise money to help protect the Philippine eagle. So, why not buy your Saving Eagle game and in the process help protect the eagles?

Well, what other better way of having fun besides saving Eagles by saving Eagles? I bet it would be such an exciting experience to play this game and in the process, help save endangered Philippines Eagle. Throughout the game, you will learn lessons about the Philippines Eagle as you draw action cards that might affect the eagle. You will be required to keep off from hazards that have endangered this great eagle.

Saving Eagles belongs to the E Family Games series, whose main aim is to bring families together through having fun while learning about the endangered species. Consequently, they help get funds that are geared towards protecting the eagles. Moreover, they have a plan to provide more endangered species games.

The game Includes:

  • Game box
  • 6 fold game board( 20” x 30”)
  • 12 game pieces for up to six players
  • Two six-sided dice
  • 48 game cards
  • Gamebook with rules of play


  • You will have fun while you are playing it
  • Brings families together
  • Raising funds to protect endangered species
  • Loads of fun and entertainment
  • Getting more information about the Philippines Eagle
  • Informing people about the importance of protecting endangered species

What makes Saving Eagles game unique?

With this game, you can play as an endangered species, whereby you seek to avoid various risks such as deforestation, poachers, and any other dangers. As you play, you will pick cards that would either positively or negatively affect the progress you make around the Philippines Island. The critical difference is that the game is an initiative of the E-Family Games that tends to help raise funds for the protection of the Philippine Eagle.

The Savings Eagle game:

  • Protects the endangered animals
  • Is an innovation of a ten-year-old
  • educates people on the world dangers
  • Is easy to learn.

How to play the game

Up to six players can play the Saving Eagles game. You will play it as a Philippine flying eagle at Mindanao Island. As a player, you will advance as you roll a dice, which falls on action spaces like the mating season where eagles meet their mate. You will then exchange your single eagle piece for a double eagle game piece. The eagle will land on action cards spaces, and these cards contain details of situations that can affect the progress of your eagles around the Island.

For more information on the Savings Eagles game, visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/savingeagles/saving-eagles?ref=4a3g1z.

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