How Can We Increase The Safety Of Sports?

How Can We Increase The Safety Of Sports?

Sports is a physical activity usually involving a competition and when there is competition the adrenaline of each player increases with time. Some sports are also played for fun, as a hobby and to build the relationship in a team. Nevertheless,in all physical activities the probability of getting injured is very high. Following safety measures will definitely reduce this probability and guarantee more fun. Knowing that you’re safe, no matter how much you get battered also relieves mental tension. The challenge, the adrenaline and thrill brings out the best in us and if combined with safety, it’ll take us all the way. Protective gear is something every player needs to wear. It protects the body against internal damage, physical injuries and mental harm. Most of the sports like American football and boxing, involve a great amount of physical altercations. The team’s physical instructor makes sure that the boys are all geared up in every way possible lest there be an unavoidable circumstance. The gear is designed with heavy padding and protects the most vital parts of the human body like the groin and shoulders. Helmets are another important part of safety gear which protect the head, neck and face. Some players also put in extra pads to support themselves during combat, especially on the chest and thighs. There has been speculation about the over padding and the introduction of new gear being a hindrance during playing and restricting the joints and reducing movement. If with careful design where both safety and mobility is achieved, there is nothing like it.

Entering the battlefield without any protective gear can be a matter of pride for many but is also considered foolish. Certain sports like boxing may seem like a sport that does not require protective gear but you’re mistaken. Professional boxing require head gear, mouthguards and much more. Most boxers do not feel the need for protective gear as boxing is a game of strength and pride. But this is a misguided concept and safety gear not only allows you to enjoy the game but gives us the chance to enjoy it for a longer period. Baseball is another sport where head gear is an absolute must. Imagine getting hit in the head with a fast moving ball coming at you with tremendous speed. It would be completely absurd not to wear any protective gear. Golf may seem like a perfectly safe sport but again getting hit by a ball travelling at high velocity especially when we do not know where the ball may land is not a pretty sight. An effective way to increase the safety of sports is by educating the players. It is the fastest way of getting any information through to them. Some of the sports activities have a natural tendency to mould the player to become aware of his surroundings and escape harm. That does not guarantee safety and protective gear is again a must. Knee pads, shoulder pads, mouth guards, gloves and so on are some of the most important safety gear that one must have in every sport. All the sport events must make it compulsory for players to wear all the necessary gear or else they would not be eligible to participate. In the end what we want to achieve is adrenaline and fun which if blended with safety would give us the ultimate victory.

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