Basic notions of the sport of Golf

What is it, the course, the equipment, what do you have to do to start playing Golf?

Golf is a sporting activity that involves pocketing a small ball in a hole using different clubs, using the least number of strokes possible.

The starting area is called a tee, and where the hole is located is called a green, a perfectly manicured and mowed green space.

Golf is a sport that takes place in the open air, in the middle of nature, and that requires as much effort as the player wants since he sets his own pace, turning it into stimulating or restful.

In Golf, you play against yourself rather than someone else, so you must strive to improve your skills. For this reason, it entails a series of values ​​– humility, sacrifice, tolerance, etc. – extremely positive and appreciated.

The physical effort required to play Golf is much more intense than it might seem at first glance. The course, which consists of six to seven kilometers over uneven terrain, is gradual and can be played at any time of the year and any age, from very early childhood to very late adulthood.

Golf is also characterized by the existence of a handicap system, understanding the handicap not as a limitation but as an advantage or compensation so that people with different aptitudes can compete in the same tournament on an equal basis, counteracting the deficiencies of any player.

The handicap system comes into play in certain types of competitions, since in others, of a higher rank –of a professional or amateur nature such as Spanish Championships, etc.– the winner of the tournament is the one who makes the fewest number of strokes, without incident. Of the handicap, in the stipulated rounds.


A conventional golf course has at least nine holes, although the ideal standard is for it to have 18 numbered consecutively. Each of them differs from the other and from one field to another.

The space between the tee box and the green is called the fairway, which can have different obstacles that make it more challenging to get from one place to another: lakes, trees, and sand traps (called bunkers), usually in the vicinity of the green, etc.

On the side of the fairway is an area called rough (RAF). When the ball reaches these areas, it is more challenging to make a shot because the grass and broom are uncared for.

On the greens are the holes, a circular hole covered inside with a metal cover and a diameter of 108 millimeters. Inside, the flag is placed, which bears the corresponding number, is removed to pocket the ball when playing directly.

The surface of the green can vary significantly – from 300 to 1,500 square meters, to give an example – but in all cases, it is carefully maintained, perfectly mowed, reminiscent of the tapestry of a pool table. Although it is usually flat, the green may present undulations that cause deviations in the ball’s trajectory.

A golf competition consists of playing at least 18 consecutive holes. The most critical tests are played over 36, 54, or 72 holes, repeating the 18 holes of the first day on several days.

The team

In Golf, many clubs are used, each with a handle (grip) and a head. Usually, the bag of clubs is made up of four woods and ten irons; the generic denomination used that responded to the material of the leaders of the clubs when they were made of wood and iron, although at present, the material of which the ‘ woods’ and ‘irons’ is very varied.

Each of the sticks has a specific mission, reaching different distances depending on its type. In general, the wood is used in long shots; the irons for intermediate shots, in unfavorable situations or approach shots, and the putter to put the ball in the hole when you reach the green.

Over time the ball has also undergone many transformations, today consisting of a core that can be made of liquid rubber, tightly covered with rubber thread, and all covered with a vulcanized material.

What do you have to do to start playing Golf?

It is mandatory to have a federation license to play Golf on a duly approved course. Each permit is attached to insurance that covers civil liability and accidents that occur while playing Golf on a duly authorized course.

More information on obtaining the federation license can be found on this web page in the ‘Licenses’ section.

To play Golf, you can go to any of the many facilities in USA such as Walnut HS Golf. Some are public and popular, so it is unnecessary to become a member, and play is possible with a very tight financial outlay.

There are also commercial entities where Golf can be practiced by paying the right to play for one day (green fee), apart from private entities in which it is necessary to be a member or subscriber to enter their facilities.

It is also possible to get started in the sport of Golf on public, commercial or private courses, where the swing (movement made to hit the ball), the short game, or the putt is practiced.

Since Golf is a sport with a lot of technique, it is very convenient to receive lessons from a teacher both when you are a beginner and when you already have experience if you want to improve.

In general, it is imperative to avoid forcing the movements and always to be constant and patient.






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