Hit Your Feeling Of Ping K15 Irons

Hit Your Feeling Of Ping K15 Irons

The serie de ping k15 shot every golfer. it was an improvement of g15 serie.it includes driver ping k15 and fers ping k15,hybride k15 The best part about the fers Ping K15 and hybride is that they are built for lower spin and a higher ball flight. This means you can land the ball softly and stick it on the green right by the pin. It also means that you have more forgiveness and do not have to hit the ball directly with the center of the club face every single time in order to get the ball flight you are after. Caracteristiques de Fers Ping K15 and Hybrides:

Lightweight Titanium face Larger Club Face Low and Deep Center of Gravity Offset hosel High MOI for increased forgiveness This set is also made with an offset hosel, which helps to lower the spin by allowing you to close the club face easier at impact. You will be amazed when you pull these babies out and give them their first test run. Many of those that have already started to play these serie de fers and hybrids are thrilled with the performance that they are getting out of them. The one negative about the serie de fers Ping K15 and hybrids is that they are not made for highly skilled golfers. If you are a single digit handicap you have very little to gain from this set and you might actually play worse with these. This is simply because those that are highly skilled know how to control the spin of the ball and want to create spin. These clubs are made to reduce spin so they will not fit into this type of golfer’s game very well. However, if you are a mid to low handicap that has a fade or plays a slice, then these are a good choice for you. The offset hosel paired with the design for lower spin will give you more control and allow you to hit the ball further than you are used to. These can help to improve your game if you are not already shooting in the low 80s or better. http://www.golfshopfr.com Those that should play the Ping K15 and hybride are those that are struggling with their longer irons or want increased distance. If you are getting to that point where you cannot keep up with your son or anybody else that you play with that is younger than you, then you can switch to a better set of equipment to allow for more distance in your game.

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