Israeli Martial Arts- An Ancient Form of Fighting Techniques Adapted in a New Style

Israeli Martial Arts- An Ancient Form of Fighting Techniques Adapted in a New Style

If you want to sit down and do a search online about Israeli martial arts you will probably get to know all about Krav Maga, a specialized form of fighting techniques which was developed by Imi Lichtenfeld a European martial artist. He was followed by many others who contributed a lot to the martial culture of Israel long back to the Biblical times when Moses and Joshua led the Jewish people against many enemies in the province. Even after thousand years have passed, Israel is still facing the threat, and because of this reason Israel created proven methods to combat them. Martial arts act as a powerful strategy when it works, and when you begin with it you will know the various techniques about self-defense.
Known for its striking, wrestling and counter-attack skills and techniques, this art form was derived from street-fighting dexterity. This form of martial art skill culminates fighting techniques from traditional Eastern Europeanmilitary combat, Muay Thai, Boxing, Western Wrestling, and Ju-Jitsu. These forms are included in the regular training regime of Israeli Forces units and are trained to Police, Intelligence team, and all Security Division members for self-defense. Not only to the personnel of special forces, this art has also become a part of training to civilians, military and security agencies around the world.

The martial art is taught using as grading system which is similar to the grading system of Judo. There is a specific course structure which involves grading like White belt, and then senior posts to Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue , Brown and Black belts for experts. Black belt holders can prefer to move up the ranks from 1st to 9th Dan depending on their performance and presentation of skill. Training in this form also involves grades that are divided into 3 specific categories- Practitioner, Graduate and Expert, with each particular category having 5 ranks.
The expert grades are the highest rank in the course and this is achieved by adept practitioners of this art only and by those who have attained mastery in military and police instruction as these grades covers military and other protection techniques as well as advanced fighting skills. In order to attain any expert grade, one must undergo all 5 ranks. And even beyond Expert 5 grade, there is the rank of Master and this rank is only acquired by a very few selective individuals who have contributed their entire lifetime to Krav Maga.

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