Martial Science Has Different Rules Than Regular Science

Martial Science Has Different Rules Than Regular Science

There is a Martial Science, and it is different than the physics you learned in school. Indeed, it is actually opposed to the concepts of normal science. It goes against the rules of such legends as Sir Isaac Newton, who actually is credited with discovering modern day technologies.
Sir Isaac discovered gravity, and he made that famous statement: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Thus, if one pushes a table with 100 pounds of force, there will be 100 pounds/force worth of movement from the table. Except, that’s not the way it works in the martial arts.
In the martial arts physics, if you strike somebody with thirty pounds of force, the force will be absorbed equally by both bodies. This is to say that if you strike somebody with 100 pounds of force, 50 pounds of force will travel up the arm, and 50 pounds of force will travel into the body being struck. In the beginning, this is what you were taught in school.
So you move your fist faster, leave the fist in contact with the body for a shorter length of time, and something interesting happens: more force is left in the body. For instance, 90% (90 pounds will travel into the body being struck, and only 10% (10 pounds) will travel back up the arm. This is, however, still measurable by physics.

What is not measurable is what happens as one continues to train: what happens when the martial artist relaxes and puts less effort into his technique. Relaxing unbinds the muscles, and, just as sound will not travel through a vacuum, force is not able to course through what is relaxed. But we are not discussing just a relaxed body at this point, we are talking a relaxed mind.
This is a fascinating event, that as one relaxes ones mind, and uses less and less effort, more and more impact occurs. The value of the impact cannot be measured, nor can the value of relaxation within the mind. But the truism is there: the more relaxed the mind, the less effort in the body, the greater the impact upon the target body.
Eventually, effortlessness becomes intention. Intention is nothing more than the fact of concentrated awareness. And here is where we encounter a higher set of physics. Intention is utilized, nothing can be measured, and the effect is created, and the rule (of this higher physics) is created: A point (of awareness) in a direction has no opposite and equal reaction.
This occurrence, of awareness being immeasurable, is not considered fondly by the scientific community: it goes against all the rules, breaks the rules, and unsubstantiates their whole reason for being. Yet, it is fact, and, taken to the furthest reaches, can even prove the existence of that most indistinct of all nebulosities…it can prove the existence of God. Of course, one would have to study the Martial Arts, come to grips with the real Martial Science, and actually succeed in reaching a high enough stage of awareness to understand, and therefore legitimately subscribe to, this thesis.

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